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About Us

Founded by Gerald Licht and Bruce Morrison in 1978, Licht and Morrison has become a name synonymous with the finest and rarest of Art Deco jewellery.  As an unwavering presence in the jewellery market for over 35 years, Licht and Morrison are delighted to announce their recent membership to the British Antique Dealers Association.

Having moved from the premises in Mayfair, Licht & Morrison is now in the capable hands of owner Robin Cook and continues to offer an exceptional and personal service, providing hand chosen pieces of fine Art Deco jewellery to those with exceptional taste.

Art Deco was an exciting time in the design and manufacture of jewellery, with bold vision and exquisite craftsmanship to match. Licht & Morrison maintain these mores, encasing each piece of jewellery in handmade boxes of red Moroccan leather.

You can view items by appointment only, or at selected exhibitions across the United Kingdom. Robin would be happy to advise you in your purchase from one of the finest collections of Art Deco and Period jewellery in the country.